SMS Traffic On The Increase

As total SMS traffic is expected to surpass 2 Trillion by end of 2008 (according to a Gartner report), we can expect to see traffic being routed within a network, SMS applications and across mobile networks and countries. Mobile Operators can benefit from this opportunity by exploring a new revenue stream that allows them to provide SMS traffic reselling services. With this in mind, Mobile Operators would require a flexible SMS Gateway that would be able to provide connectivity to multiple SMS Partners, both other Mobile Operators and Messaging Service Providers. As different parties will have systems of different connection method, a multi-protocol system with flexible routing mechanism that allows connectivity to different SMSCs & SMS systems is required. This is where Mocean SMS Gateway steps in to provide the perfect solution.

The Mocean SMS Gateway Solution
Mocean SMS Gateway process

Mocean SMS Gateway provides multiple connectivity capability

The Mocean SMS Gateway, which is developed on top of the Mocean Messaging Platform, provides Mobile Operators the ability to connect to multiple SMS originating and terminating parties with a suite of interface protocols. Based on commercial and quality reasons, Mobile Operator can then configure the routing of the SMS traffic through the SMS Gateway to obtain the optimal results required. All the transactions are recorded by the gateway for easy post transaction billing and traffic analysis purposes. There are also built in account management component that allows the Mobile Operator to enable prepaid or postpaid customer accounts. The gateway also comes with its own OA&M GUI that allows for easy administration and management, completing the solution required by a Mobile Operator to successfully run a SMS Gateway.