Key Features

Mocean Enterprise SMS Gateway key features that allows for efficient system operation:

  • Web-based SMS Communication Application

    This is an easy-to-use web-based tool for enterprise to communicate with their targeted audience without having to build their own applications. It also comes with SMS campaign function.

  • Easy-to-use API

    A key feature for enterprise that develop their own application is the ease of integration so that they can concentrate on their application and leave the SMS delivery to Mobile Operator. Mocean Enterprise SMS Gateway supports SMPP, HTTP, HTTPS or REST API, providing options for enterprise.

  • SMS Content-based Priority

    Mobile Operators can assign higher priority to SMS based on its content. This allows SMS that matched the predefined templates (usually time sensitive, e.g. One-Time-Password) to be given priority over other contents (e.g. marketing messages).

  • Message Filtering

    Mobile Operators can have better control over the SMS traffic going through its network with Message Filtering mechanisms built into the gateway. SMS messages can be filtered based on different criteria such as message contents, sender identification or receiver identification.

  • SMS Flood And Spamming Alert

    Connection to external SMS applications opens up the possibility of irresponsible activities of flooding and spamming of messages in the network. Mocean Enterprise SMS Gateway comes with a built in mechanism that monitors for potential flood and spam activities through the gateway and alert the Mobile Operator for further action.

  • Flexible Routing

    Mocean Enterprise SMS Gateway routing mechanism allows for flexibility to be based on sending number prefix, receiving number prefix or originating customer account. Further account level routing provide better control of the overall traffic. Auto re-routing features are also available, providing route redundancy in the event of link problems.

  • Account Class Of Service

    Mobile Operator will be able to set different settings for each customer account, creating differing class of services. This allows the Mobile Operator to better manage customer based on the SLA signed up by customers, ultimately optimising sales margin.

  • Prepaid/Postpaid Credit Management

    The Mocean Enterprise SMS Gateway supports both Prepaid and Postpaid account types. This can be achieved through built in credit management module or integration to Mobile Operators' billing system.

  • Reporting

    Mocean Enterprise SMS Gateway comes equipped with reporting functions that allows the Mobile Operator to have an overall view of the SMS traffic transactions going through the system. Operators can then optimise their network capacity planning activities.

  • User Friendly OA&M Interface

    The gateway comes with easy to use GUI to allow the operations team to easily manage the system. This provides shorter learning curve and more importantly, lowering possibility of human errors. As the GUI is web based, it also makes it easier for the operations team to access it anywhere over a secure connection.

  • System Performance Monitoring

    Built in system monitoring capabilities provides status of system elements and traffic statistics for easy management. Alerts can also be sent out for notification purposes. The system can also optionally be integrated to external Network Monitoring system via SNMP, allowing Mobile Operators to have a consolidated monitoring platform.

  • Billing System Interface

    The system captures transaction details and is able to send the Message Details Record to the Mobile Operator’s billing system for further processing. Optionally, if customised integration to the billing system is required, this can be done.

  • Other Key Features

    Some other key features include:

    • Multiple SMS Encoding Support
    • Message Throttling Capability
    • Configurable Retry Mechanism
    • Account Based Profile Settings

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