Key Features
  • Mobile Network Interface Ready

    The platform is ready with interface to the Mobile Network elements via SS7 MAP or SIGTRAN to implement the required operations for the detection process.

  • IMEI Status Listing

    The system allows Mobile Operators to define the status of IMEIs as White List, Black List or Grey List. Built in tools allows Mobile Operators to import data into the system via MS Excel or CSV files. If required, an interface to the Mobile Operator’s network element to automate this process is also possible.

  • External Interface Capable

    It is possible for Mocean EIR to interface with external EIR databases via TCP/IP APIs or file transaction basis, for example to GSMA EIR DB or AMTA.

  • Command Centre Dashboard

    Mocean EIR comes with a Monitoring Dashboard GUI that allows Mobile Operators to have an immediate view of the detected black and grey listed IMEIs as it happens. Immediate action can be taken.

  • Multiple System User Access

    In order to allow better security and integrity of the results of detection, the platform allows Mobile Operator to set multiple user access rights. This enables better security control of information and data of the platform.

  • Reporting

    Mocean SMS Gateway comes equipped with reporting functions that allows the Mobile Operator to have an overall view of the SMS traffic transactions going through the system. Operators can then optimise their network capacity planning activities.

  • User Friendly OA&M Interface

    The gateway comes with easy to use GUI to allow the operations team to easily manage the system. This provides shorter learning curve and more importantly, lowering possibility of human errors. As the GUI is web based, it also makes it easier for the operations team to access it anywhere over a secure connection.

  • System Performance Monitoring

    Built in system monitoring capabilities provides status of system elements and traffic statistics for easy management. Alerts can also be sent out for notification purposes. The system can also optionally be integrated to external Network Monitoring system via SNMP, allowing Mobile Operators to have a consolidated monitoring platform.

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