Key Features

Mocean Mobile Gateway key features that allows for efficient system operation:

  • Flexible Service Model

    Mocean Mobile Advertising platform provides the flexibility to Mobile Operator to launch different service models for mobile advertising. Mobile Operators can either use the system for internal marketing department; open it up for external advertisers or do both. This provides the ability to cater for different corporate strategy.

  • Multiple Delivery Channels Support

    The platform has the capability to interface with multiple service delivery medium such as SMSC, MMSC, Voice Mail System, Welcome SMS System, WAP Gateway and many more, enabling the creation of innovative advertisement types such as interactive SMS, click to call, click to WAP, click to Mobile website and direct branding messages.

  • Integration To Subscriber Profiling Elements

    The platform can integrate to Mobile Operator’s Subscriber Profiling elements such as Data Warehouse, CRM, Customer Loyalty systems, Billing System and Location Base Monitoring system. This provides operators the flexibility to create targeted advertisements for subscribers of a specific profile.

  • Advertisement Text Insertion

    Text advertisement contents can be inserted into mobile network notification messages which have sufficient space. Examples are Voice Mail notification, Welcome SMS, Missed Call Notification and information request replies. The platform will have checking algorithm built in to ensure that messages are kept within the original quantity. Dynamic insertion of multiple advertisements per campaign is also supported.

  • Reporting

    Mocean SMS Gateway comes equipped with reporting functions that allows the Mobile Operator to have an overall view of the SMS traffic transactions going through the system. Operators can then optimise their network capacity planning activities.

  • Scheduled Campaign

    Advertisement broadcast can be scheduled ahead on the platform. This will allow advertisers (internal and external) to manage their marketing campaigns more efficiently and easily. Advertisement templates can be saved to allow for easy management.

  • User Friendly OA&M Interface

    The gateway comes with easy to use GUI to allow the operations team to easily manage the system. This provides shorter learning curve and more importantly, lowering possibility of human errors. As the GUI is web based, it also makes it easier for the operations team to access it anywhere over a secure connection.

  • System Performance Monitoring

    Built in system monitoring capabilities provides status of system elements and traffic statistics for easy management. Alerts can also be sent out for notification purposes. The system can also optionally be integrated to external Network Monitoring system via SNMP, allowing Mobile Operators to have a consolidated monitoring platform.

  • Optional Add On Modules
    • Mobile Website Creation Facility
    • Advanced Advertisement Report Analytics (e.g. CTR, CPM, CPC)
    • SMS Content Triggered Advertising
    • Built In Subscriber Profiling Module
    • Interface to MobileTV and Mobile Website platforms
    • Advertisement Publisher Module

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