Key Features
Flexible Service Model

Mocean Web SMS provides the flexibility to Mobile Operator to launch different service models for SMS Marketing based on its current business strategy and policy. The option is available to run the SMS Marketing service directly, via Private Label reseller or both together. The platform comes with all 3 models so Mobile Operators have the flexibility in changing their service models later on.

Prepaid Account Management

The system is developed based on prepaid account basis where credits are deducted before messages are sent. Therefore, this is a good revenue generator for Mobile Operators and also Resellers where payment is collected up front and chances of bad debt is low. There is also credit top up interface built into the system making it easy for customer support.

Account Based Tariffs

Tariff plans can be set per user account basis, providing the ability to create a few packaging variance to target different groups, example basic users or high traffic users. Different marketing strategies can be implemented with this support.

Traffic & Usage Reports

Reporting features are built into the system allowing for easy analysis of traffic of the whole system, specific Reseller or specific customers. This statistics will assist Mobile Operators to create different marketing plans to increase traffic and ultimately revenue.

Multiple Message Type

Unlike many normal SMS Marketing facilities in the market, Mocean Web SMS comes with the ability for users to send out messages as normal text, WAP Push or as Picture Message. This provides the users to create different variance in their marketing activities, making it more attractive and memorable to the target audience.

Message Templates

Users are able to create frequently used messages and save it as a template. This will allow for easy reuse in the future and reduce chances of errors and time wastage.

Message Personalisation

The problem with mass SMS sending is that the recipient may feel that the message is canned messages without personalisation. Mocean Web SMS provides a solution to this by allowing users to extract information from the contact list and inserting in the message to allow it to be more personalised.

Scheduled Messaging

Scheduling features on the Mocean Web SMS allows users to pre-create messages that they want to send before the actual target date of the SMS broadcast. This is useful especially for sending festive greetings and messages to be sent on weekends, as the user may not be working on that day.

Friendly User Interface

The solution was developed with the thought of ensuring friendly user experience for less tech savvy users. Therefore the Web SMS user interface is easy to use and makes the learning curve not noticeable at all. Users can instantly start sending SMS messages when they first login into the system.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Mocean Web SMS is developed using web technology. This allows users to access the system anytime and anywhere as long as they have Internet connection. They could be sending messages to contacts in UK while holidaying in Japan!

Support Multiple Language

Multiple language sets are supported on the Web SMS system. Users are able to send alphanumeric messages or Unicode messages (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Korean). This allows the system to be implemented anywhere and everywhere.

Contact List

Mocean Web SMS comes with the unique feature that allows users to import contact list from a Microsoft Excel file format, making it easy for businesses to upload their customer contacts and target recipients for campaigns. It also comes with number blocking features for recipients whom have opted out from receiving marketing messages.

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