Offering Mobile Marketing Service

Looking at the possibilities in SMS Marketing facilities, Mobile Operators can now take advantage of the potential market and create a new revenue stream via Mocean Web SMS solution. Mocean Web SMS solution is a full featured SMS Marketing platform that allows a Mobile Operator to immediately provide such a service in their network.

The flexibility of the solution allows a Mobile Operator to consider different service models:

  • Launch SMS Marketing on their own
  • Provide facilities to Resellers to Private Label and launch SMS Marketing services under their own branding
  • Do both and garner higher revenue
Mocean Web SMS process

Mocean Web SMS solution provides Mobile Operators service model flexibility

Some example of potential subscribers to SMS Marketing services

Service Subscriber

Example Usage


   - Personal event invites
   - Festive & personal greetings

Automotive Sales Industry

   - Latest sales promotion
   - New vehicle launch

Direct Sales Industry

   - New products launch
   - Members meeting reminder

Insurance Industry

   - Policy holder birthday greetings
   - Premium payment reminder

Marketing Agencies

   - Part of marketing plan for customers
   - Branding exercise

FMCG Industry

   - Product promotions
   - Road shows & events

Personal Fitness  Industry

   - Latest outlet opening
   - Season greetings to members

PC Industry

   - Exhibitions & events
   - New products availability

IT Service Industry

   - Scheduled maintenance notice
   - Service interruption notification

Travel Industry

   - Latest offers and promotions
   - Travel reminders

Some example of potential Resellers to the SMS Marketing services

Service Resellers

Profile Suitability

Application Service Provider

Application Service Providers are already providing services to businesses. SMS Marketing facilities business model is also very similar to their existing model and more importantly, they are able to target their existing customer database. An additional revenue stream with close to zero hardware & software overhead will be attractive to them.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies’ customers are people whom are serious about marketing their products and services and recognise the importance of promotional activities. This provides for an immediately available customer base.

Value Added ICT Vendors

ICT Vendors are providing businesses with all types of ICT products and solution to meet their requirements. SMS Marketing can be another additional product carried by the company as an additional solution to present to businesses that is being serviced.

New ICT Business

Any new setup that wants to go into the ICT industry with limited budget can be a potential reseller. With hardware and software for SMS Marketing already available, their OPEX will be very much into human resources, allowing for higher profitability.

Direct Sales Company

Direct Sales Companies are always on the lookout for new products for its members to sell. SMS Marketing can potentially be packaged as one of the many products that are being carried by the company’s members. Existing customer database provides for ready potential market.